How to apply for an UK spouse or partner visa


8. Documentation attesting to the will of the citizen of the European Union that the visa applicant goes with or meets with him/her. Details of any family members living in your country of residence – if you have any dependent children and your children are remaining at home, you should submit your marriage certificate and birth certificates for the children. The Visa Officer considers each application on its merits and may request additional information or documentation.

This confirms your biometric information and your supporting documents have been sent to the UKVI electronically for them to assesssu k spouse visa advice your application. This will then take you to the 3rd Party company website which operates the visa centres in your country.

Completed forms, supporting documentation and the application fee should be submitted to the Isle of Man Immigration Office.

Applications for the extension should be made to the Department of Immigration and Emigration. You can submit visa application to the

Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo. You can submit your visa application to the Department of Immigration & Emigration,

Colombo. A valid spousal visa for temporary sojourn at the time of application in respect of applicant, if the application is made in the Republic.

Can you tell me if/when she’s granted visa how long does she have to book flight to uk please. When applying as a national from certain countries, applicants must include a certificate within the application which proves that they have been screened for tuberculosis (TB) at an approved centre. Applicants must have enough money to be able to support themselves when living in the UK, without having to claim public funds.

If you are visiting another state prior to travelling to Ireland, you must have the relevant visa for that state in your passport before applying for an Irish visa. You can apply for a marriage/civil partnership visa up to 3 months before your date of travel to Ireland. My son (an uk citizen) is marrying his Brazilian fiancee in Brazil next Feb.

They put together the list of documents for me to obtain and they prepared a

bundle which was as thick as the printer it came out from. We followed everything they asked us to do and in the end we won our appeal and got our spouse visa.

Anakin should first settle his litigation debt, and explain this in his application.

Joyce, a Nigerian national, lives in the Netherlands with her Dutch husband Luuk. Team started looking into my paperwork and thorough verification before sending to visa office.

The entry permit label should be affixed onto a blank endorsement page of the applicant’s EEP on which his/her relevant exit endorsement has been obtained. The applicant should present the EEP for immigration examination upon arrival in the HKSAR. In case the applicant’s EEP bearing the relevant exit endorsement is an electronic EEP, it should be presented together with the entry permit label issued to him/her for immigration arrival clearance. The visa/entry permit label should be affixed onto a blank visa page of the applicant’s travel document for presentation to an immigration officer upon arrival in the HKSAR. ​The provisional residence permit (mvv) is a visa you need if you wish to stay in the Netherlands for more than 90 days.

The site may ask you to type some information in order to register/log in, such as the GWF number of the application form which you will find on the front page of the application form. A dependant may apply for extension of stay for residence in the HKSAR within four weeks before his/her limit of stay expires. Such applications will be considered only when the applicant continues to meet the eligibility criteria for entry for residence as dependants and the sponsor remains a bona fide Hong Kong resident living in the HKSAR.

For more information, check Regular provisional residence permit (mvv). If you are awaiting a procedure, you do not have a valid residence document at present and you wish to travel outside the Netherlands, you may need a return visa to re-enter the Netherlands. This could be the case if your current residence permit is no longer valid or your current residence permit will expire during your stay outside of the Netherlands. Having had a residence permit to stay with family for a period of 5 years, you may change your residence permit for an independent residence permit.

Start-to-finish guide to ‘concurrent filing’ — the fast track to a spousal green card when both spouses live in the U. S.

If your application is being processed by the Visa Office, Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, Department of Justice and Equality, Burgh Quay, Dublin you can check the date of the applications currently being processed on the Visa Decisions page. However, you can generally expect a decision within 8 weeks from the date on which your application is lodged at the Visa Office/Embassy/Consulate.

This means that, unless falling under certain exempt categories, applicants must meet the minimum income requirements to gain spouse visa approval. Thinking of applying to come to join your partner in the UK, or switching to the Partner route from a different visa category? Find out more about the different UK Partner visas and options available. The Home Office will usually acknowledge receipt of the application by sending an email.