This Positives In addition to Downsides Regarding Being Your Dice Influencer

Anyone who enjoys playing poker will sooner or later want their very own chips. Having your own chips guarantees that there will always be chips readily available when friends stop by even unexpectedly and you want to entertain them with a grab game of poker. With so many different kinds of poker games you can easily find a game everyone understands how exactly to play or can pick up in a few minutes.

It is easy to buy poker chips at nearly every department store and even some food markets carry them as well in their party supply section. However if you would like something with a bit more quality than a plastic chip you really should look into clay resin chips because they look, feel and sound more like real casino chips and last far longer than do those cheap plastic chips. One of the more inexpensive but really great looking chips are Dice poker chips.

What are Dice Poker

Dice poker are simply just poker chips manufactured from clay resin that feature within their rim design pictures of dice. The chips are named because of this picture. You can buy dice chips in a variety of colors and individually as well as in gaming sets.

Who Sells Dice Poker Chips

Almost anyone who sells various poker will have dice poker chips on the market. Lots of people find these chips attractive and well designed and choose this design quite often. Stores carrying poker, tables and gaming accessories will probably have a set of dice chips or you can find them online. Simply enter dice poker in your search box and you will come up with a selection of sellers who are willing to supply you with a couple of dice poker chips.

Individual Dice Chips

Some companies offer individual dice poker on the market. These individual chips can be bought to replace lost or worn out chips for your dice set, or can be bought by way of a collector who enjoys collecting chips of different designs similar to a coin collector enjoys purchasing new coins because of their collection. While you could make up your personal chip set from purchasing these chips individually you are better off to have a set that comes with a carrying and storage case to keep your chips in good condition and all together.

Sets of Dice Chips

Dice poker chips come in different numbered sets to meet just about any poker or game playing need. Often these sets include dice and cards and also the chips. They all come in a convenient travel case which helps to keep all your game supplies in one neat and convenient package.

300 Piece Set- The 300 piece dice poker set is the ideal set for the beginner poker player who’s just getting started and doesn’t know if playing poker is merely going to be considered a phase or a long term passion. These sets usually contain 11.5 gram resin chips with a metal insert to make stamping the design easier.

RPG dice include 100 white, 50 red and 50 blue chips although you may be able to find sets offering you a choice of colors. Look for a set that is included with an aluminum case and includes two decks of cards and 5 dice and you will be set for virtually any type of gaming that strikes your fancy.

300 piece dice poker chip sets are good for three or four 4 players.

500 piece sets- You can even buy dice poker sets which have 500 chips. These sets usually have 150 white chips, 150 red chips 100 green chips and 50 each blue and black chips. They too include 2 decks of cards and 5 dice so that you could enjoy a selection of games of chance.

Several 500 piece sets likewise incorporate a dealer button. The aluminum case is sturdy enough to carry all your chips and convenient enough to travel. It is nice looking and the durable hinges will make it long lasting so that you won’t have to replace the case to keep your gaming supplies all in one spot.

650 piece set- The 650 piece dice poker chip case includes exactly the same style chips and and aluminum case as do another dice poker chip cases. In addition they include a dealer button for Texas Hold’em and two decks of cards. This set is for the much more serious poker player who enjoys playing with a little larger group of people and really wants to have the chips to accommodate everyone.

1000 piece set- The thousand piece dice poker chip set is for the one who enjoys having a crowd for all those Thursday night poker tournaments. This set was created to accommodate 14 to 16 players and comes with 300 white, 300 red, 200 blue, 100 green and 100 black chips.

Additionally you get ten dice rather than the normal 5 dice that accompanies these sets and 4 decks of playing cards and also 2 dealer buttons. This is the perfect set for the truly serious poker player who loves the thrill of tournament play. Consider 4 tables of 4 players each where in fact the winner takes all. This is some serious neighborhood poker playing.

Like the other sets this 1000 piece dice poker chip set comes with an aluminum case to keep every thing right at your fingertips.