Get an Insight of Face Masks and Hand Wash for Better Protection From COVID-19

According to CDC guidelines, social distancing, wearing face masks, and regular hand wash can help to prevent viruses that stick to the human body. Let’s get educated on hand sanitizer and face mask types in this post.

Hand sanitizer types

Germs are omnipresent, so they easily get stuck to our hands and things we touch daily. This can result in infection and illness. Washing hands properly with water and soap often is recommended. You can even use hand sanitizer, which contains a minimum of 60% alcohol, which can effectively kill coronavirus and micro-germs.

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Hand sanitizers are for killing germs and not remove visible dirt and grime. The alcohol in the sanitizer acts as a denaturing agent, while the soap is a detergent, so when you touch pesticides or chemicals choose to wash hands the traditional way. For sensitive skin choose the alcohol-free version but remember they are unreliable to kill every microbe. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is highly recommended in this COVID-19 situation.

How to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer?

Put sufficient sanitizer on your hand and rub together on the inside, outside, between fingers quickly. Your hands will soon feel dry, it takes 20 seconds approximately.

Face mask types

The face mask helps to prevent the spread of cold and cough. There are different types of face masks designed for different purposes.

  • Disposable surgical mask – It protects wearers from getting infected by airborne germs. You need to dispose of it after one use in a closed bin properly. Never wear a damaged or torn disposable surgical mask.
  • N95 respiratory masks – You get two types of N95 respirator masks – disposable and reusable. It is capable to block 95% of the airborne virus.
  • Cloth masks – CDC has recommended that masks designed from fabric can be worn in public places along with compliance to proper hand hygiene practice and physical distancing. Cloth masks are recommended because N95 respirators and surgical masks are crucial for the first defense line and health care service providers. Make sure to wash homemade cloth masks after every use.

How to wear the face mask correctly?

Cover your face from nose bride to under the chin with a mask. It should not fit tightly but has to securely stay in place. Make sure that the mask you chose does not irritate you because this can tempt you to pull it out or touch it. This can constrain the effectiveness as you risk touching your face and eyes.

Look for a mask having two fabric layers. It must cover the gap between your mouth and nose. For adjustment, the mask needs to have ear ties or loops. You can even stitch your own cloth mask from cotton fabric. Choose the fabric thickness that does not allow droplets to penetrate and ensures easy breathing.

Stay safe and healthy!