Combine Solar Energy With Conservation

If you’re like most of the planet, you’ve been watching the news headlines about the global economy and financial crisis. And you already know that lots of people are concerned about how they can heat their home this winter. conservative websites is being in a position to afford to cover the electricity bill or gas bill. The good thing though is that it’s very easy to combine free solar energy power with energy saving. Let’s look at a few ways to do that.

The first step would be to try and reduce just how much energy you’re consuming on a regular basis, so that your electric and gas bill will never be so high. It only takes the few simple steps to save energy and reduce those bills.

1. Turn off any lights that aren’t being used in your house. If no one is in the room, there’s no reason behind the lights to be on.

2. Change your lightbulbs. There are two changes you have to make with your lightbulbs: the first one is to buy what exactly are called pigtail lightbulbs, or energy conserving bulbs. This might seem very hard for you to believe, but you can actually reduce your electricity bill by as much as $50 per year for each light bulb you change. I have literally knocked off $100-$200 monthly from my electric bill simply by changing to these types of bulbs. The second thing you must do is work with a lower wattage bulb. In the event that you normally use a 100 W light bulbs, try reducing to a 75 or 60 W bulb instead.

3. Lower the temperature on your water heater. It doesn’t matter if you utilize gas or electric to heat your water, you must lower the temperature on that water heater in reducing your bills.

4. Change your thermostat. Instead having your thermostat set to 72 or 75� this winter, try reducing it to at least 65� instead. If possible, lower it even more to 60�. This can feel chilly to many people, nevertheless, you can wear your preferred winter clothing, or snuggle up in blankets to greatly help offset the difference. It will be well worth it when you see how much of an improvement this makes in your heating bill.

Besides assisting to conserve energy, you can also utilize the power of sunlight and tap into natural solar technology too. On sunny days for instance, even in the winter time when there’s snow on the floor, you can help heat your home using the sun’s light and power. Simply open the curtains and allow sun shine through in every area of your house you can.

If you have objects at home which are made from natural materials such as for example brick, Adobe, or even concrete, then make an effort to position those items so that they are getting just as much sunlight as possible on them throughout the day. The more sunlight they receive, the more heat they will help absorb from sunlight naturally. Then when sunlight starts going down in the evening, close your curtains to greatly help prevent cold night air from coming into your home. The furniture along with other natural objects at home which were absorbing heat throughout the day will now start releasing that heat for use through the entire night. This will actually act as a supplemental natural heating system for your h